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How Campaigns & Offers Work at the Most Basic Levels

Campaigns & Offers:

In the CPA (cost-per-action) affiliate network industry the terms ‘campaign’ and ‘offer’ tend to be used interchangeably though technically there is a notable difference between the two terms:

An ‘offer’ Is typically the smallest complete unit of an advertising / marketing effort devoted to a specific product, service, brand, cause, etc. aimed at a target audience.  A ‘campaign’ is set or group of one or more offers describing and/or promoting a product, service, brand, cause, etc. organizing an effort to describe and/or promote allowing for the further breakdown aimed at certain target groups.

Advertising / marketing campaigns may consist of one or more offers however offers may not consist of campaigns as an offer is a subset of a campaign though an offer does not consist of campaigns (thus they are technically not interchangeable)

Offers in the context of GPT sites here are what the typical GPT site staff member (herein referred to simply as ‘member’) might seek from the a source advertiser or CPA affiliate network (herein simply referred to as ‘network’) in order to provide the GPT site member with a task to complete (usually called ‘doing an offer’ in common loose language) for which the GPT site will get paid for thereby providing the GPT site with reimbursement for giving the GPT site member an incentive / reward for his/her offer completion and providing the GPT site with the balance of the reimbursement to go towards the GPT site itself to cover overhead costs and provide it with profit.


How Offers Work (generally):

Once an offer is selected and added to a GPT site offers list (usually in a bulk importation operation, using the built in integration between the ShiftCode GPT site and a Performa network, or on last resort manually added individually) then it is put on display categorized by the topic, requirements, and/or nature of the offer.  When the GPT site member selects an offer by clicking on it’s title or banner link then that member typically will be forwarded to the offer’s target URL on the advertiser’s web site.  The link by which the site member is directed to the URL specified by the offer is typically called an offer ‘tracking link’ due to the extra information (added variables) added to the standard URL that will facilitate the automated offer tracking system to later connect the dots as to who the member is (by username and/or member ID number) and other information necessary to properly give credit where it is due in the form of the successful reporting back (postback) to the GPT site by the source network or advertiser’s detail oriented system which keeps meticulous track of the specifics surrounding the offer completion attempt.