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Using Your Built In Banner Advertising Functions to Have Your GPT Site Serve Ads to Your Other Sites (and Take Paid Orders that Are Updated Instantly!)

I’ve expanded upon the ideas and code exemplified in this 3rd party coding article to apply to my Banner Rotation:

Use Your ShiftCode GPT Built In Side Panel Advertisement Features to Manage Ad Space on Your Other Sites! (in the 3rd Party Coding Solutions section of this Knowledgebase)

The issue?  Most ShiftCode admins believe that the powerful advertising solution built in to the ShiftCode script may be limited to on-site advertising only.  The 3rd party article demonstrates this not to be the case with the graceful solution of showing how to increase the exposure of your Side Panel ads to other sites under your influence.

In this article I’ll be taking those lessons learned and applying them to the Banner Rotation advertising function of the ShiftCode advertising interface.  Not only will the advertising interface serve those banner rotation ads to other sites but it also will allow the advertising GPT site member to purchase, pay for, and specify which location group (external and internal) he/she wants the banner ad displayed at.


Advertising General Concepts & Considerations

You have the option of selling advertising to your members in the following built in forms:

Banner Rotation –Typically 468 x 60 ad banners in rotation on one or more predefined ad zones (‘groups’) that you’ll need to add (on a one-time basis) to your site’s template.  Banners ad spots are sold and counted based upon the number of ‘impressions’ sought.  A banner ad impression is a single unit describing a single viewing of a banner in rotation (it does not take into account ‘clicks’ or ‘conversions’)

OPINION: While I’m at it this seems like the perfect time to describe the mode of advertising – Banner Rotation from an expert (I think I can say after over a decade in adverting – wink) Banner Rotation Ads are a total home run win-win from both the advertiser and GPT site admin!

It’s my favorite mode of advertising because as an advertiser point of view then if you think about the different online advertising modes then Banner Rotation impressions are the best gamble for your advertising dollars (or points) – and YES, that’s what advertising / marketing / promotion ALL is – a gamble.  From both points of view with this gamble you both win!

The advertiser decides how much he/she wishes to spend (pay as you go) and those turn into a package of banner ‘impressions’ or individual ‘top it off’ type individual impressions (with a minimum you must buy), get’s the best bargain (statistically) based on the average number of impressions to clicks to conversions (though banner ads don’t detect conversions), and can easily take complete control over the delivery of the banner impressions (or simply ‘views’)  If YOU (the GPT admin) set up the option correctly (covered below) then the advertiser will also be able to swap out banners and URLs at will (in the advertising stats (edit) section of the member’s advertising menu.

Here’s where the GPT site admin – YOU – also ‘cleans up’ (wink)  Some of the other forms of adverting on your site costs you money to deliver (paid-to-click clicks you must pay and paid-to-signup ads are worse because you’re likely paying even more to your member for a ‘conversion’ (click and complete offer))  What doe YOU pay for delivering banner impressions (and for that matter side-panel ads) – NOTHING AT ALL!

Except just a few of you marketing experts out there who might say that it’s costing you valuable pixel space on your main consumer facing asset  – your GPT site!  I say that unless you are dealing in high value advertising mediums such as outdoor billboards and such then yes, that may be true.  On the level we’re speaking (unless your GPT already rates a Google pagerank 4+ and commands millions of dollars for advertising)  Yes, delivering the banners and side panel ads costs you no money and even no effort (it’s all automated!)

The below ‘Coexist’ banner is exactly 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high.  A banner zone set for 468 x 60 will only accept banners of that exact size.  If an advertising purchasing member tries to specify an out-of-size banner (even by the smallest amount) then he/she will get an error that will not let them proceed with the purchase until a correctly sized (exactly) is specified.

Banner ads con be pretty much any image format (.gif, .jpeg, .jpg, .png, etc.) and they can even be an animated .gif.  The banners can be of any file size as long as it is the right dimensions (height & length) in pixels we are offering no image hosting options here to the advertiser – he/she simply specifies the URL location of where he/she already has the image served at (just hopefully the image file size isn’t so large as to take forever to load – but even this is not a real big concern)

Members Ad Menu and Top Banner Zone

Notice in the above example image then above the member’s menu a 468 x 60 banner advertisement rotation zone or ‘group’ has manually been added to the site template.  The banner ad group zone is named ‘Top_PaidToSite’ and the advertiser (member choosing to purchase banner rotation) will have the choice of selecting which location (‘group’) he/she wishes the purchased ad banner to appear in rotation on.  If you so choose then you can display only one banner rotation group (easier) though I prefer to name my banner ad rotation groups and add more than one group zone in various strategic places in my site template.

Notice I (optionally) chose to add the group name in a very small font (coded in additional HTML) just above the banner rotation group (“Location Top_PaidToSite Banner Rotation Group”) so that the advertising member knows where each group appears on the site (and in this case I also added the site name in to the group name as later on in this knowledgebase I intend to show you a neat optional and unconventional trick of using your GPT site built in advertising options to sell advertising on other web properties (sites) you may own)  The ‘Advertise Here’ statement is automatically added below the banner rotation group zone (which is a nice touch as it’s a convenient link directly to purchasing Banner Rotation on your site)

It’s rather easy to create individual ad groups and the process of adding the ad group zones to the template only includes adding a very short ad group ‘include statement such as the following that I used for the above:

<center><font face=”Arial” style=”font-size: 7px”>Location <b>Top_PaidToSite</b> Banner Rotator Group</font><br>
{~include file=”_banner_rotator” group=”Top_PaidToSite” unique=0~}</center>

I placed the above code as the first statement in my <div id=”middle”> section of template code (towards the bottom (last few lines) of the top ‘Main Header’ section of the site template)  Note that the only crucial statement above that creates the zone is this:

{~include file=”_banner_rotator” group=”Top_PaidToSite” unique=0~}

So, the affected code ends up looking like this (roughly, though it depends on what template YOU are using):
Banner Group Zone Cope