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Outlining the Extensive Built in Jackpot System

The ShiftCode GPT site script jackpot system has been well thought through in its creation.  You have the built in capability to define up to five (5) entirely separate jackpots with different conditions and prizes.

To access the jackpot system settings then simply go to the left side admin panel menu and choose Products > Jackpot:

Jackpot Configuration

Please note the five individual jackpot buttons at the top of the page representing the five possible jackpots that you may enable:

Numbered Jackpot Buttons (top)

Clicking on the ‘Jackpot’ selection directly will take you to a page that looks like the below image where clicking on these numbered jackpot buttons (page top) will enable you to check the status of each individual jackpots when enabled and configured.

Clicking on the ‘Jackpot > Configure’ selection will allow you to enable and specify each numbered jackpot as seen below:

Jackpot Configuration Page

Configuring jackpots is relatively straightforward though I will go through each item here though please also keep in mind that useful hints are located under the help question marks help question mark symbolfor each entry as well.  We’ll be going through each item on the Jackpot > Configure page shown:

Jackpot Configuiration Explained


Here is some reference information to aid in displaying stats and other information related to jackpots:

The scripts & includes which specifically deal with jackpots are these:

Include ID / Script ID File Name Script / Include Title Display Usage or Purpose

NOTE: pot=0 indicates all/any jackpots combined while pot=x where ‘x’ is a number between 1 and 5 indicates which jackpot you are referring to

_jackpot_amt Jackpot – Amount {~include file=”_jackpot_amt” pot=0~}
_jackpot_past Jackpot – Past Winners {~include file=”_jackpot_past”~}
_jackpot_totalEntries Jackpot – Total Entries {~include file=”_jackpot_totalEntries” pot=0~}
_jackpot_userEntries Jackpot – User’s Entries {~include file=”_jackpot_userEntries” pot=0~}
_ptsJackpot Members – Paid to Signup – Jackpot Displays current Jackpot information to the member under the ‘Jackpot’ selection on the member’s menu. Also displays a link to the Jackpot past winners history.
_ptsJackpot_past Members – Paid to Signup – Jackpot – Past Displays past jackpot winners, date, and jackpot amount.

It must also be mentioned here that each paid to signup offer includes individual controls as to how jackpot entries are treated in relation to that offer.  For example in the below test offer’s details page (arrived by clicking on ‘Paid To Signup’ directly from the left side ‘Products’ menu and then clicking upon the offer you wish to edit) then in the lower half ‘Other’ section of that offer details page is a ‘Jackpot’ selection which allows you to choose between ‘Use default jackpot settings’,  ‘Specify custom jackpot settings for this offer’ (with further options appearing), or ‘Never give entries for this offer’:

Showing Jackpot Config Section on PTS Offer Edit Page

PTS Offer Specific Jackpot Settings

Contest Planning Configuration & Operation

What online earning platform would be complete without taking advantage of the human nature of competition?  In fact when it comes to GPT sites then there tends to be a cult like following of members that seek out and find the best held contests to compete in thereby giving the winners bragging rights while other members may seek out the most lucrative contest to pour their hard work and passion into.

Contests not only increase site activity levels but also they have been observed to make a GPT site a much more social activity turning what initially looked and felt like a group of individuals into a cooperative group sharing information in real time regarding strategy and goals. The ShiftCode GPT site script is amazingly versatile when it comes to flexibility with regard to holding tightly controlled contests.

There are two (2) types of standard contests. There is the ‘Offer Contest’ and then the ‘Referral Contest’.  Each general type of contest then also has a few different modes of operation with regard to the specific type of contest and what the winning requirements will be. We’ll discuss the Offer Contest first.

Offer contests are created, edited, and managed under the admin panel left side menu under Products > Paid to Signup > Contest selection:

Offer contests are created, edited, and managed under the admin panel left side menu under Products > Paid to Signup > Contest selection:

Referral contests are created, edited, and managed under the admin panel left side menu under Products > Referral Contest:

Referral contests are created, edited, and managed under the admin panel left side menu under Products > Referral Contest

TIP: A very useful strategy with regard to contests is to always have a contest of each type running as recurring contests.  One contest being a referral contest and another contest being an offer contest. let these be your standard baseline contests with standard prizes that won’t be a concern for the site as a whole by cutting into the site’s bottom line (budget)  once way of accomplishing this which is a strategy that I (the documentation author) use on my own GPT site.

Choose prizes that cost you little or no upfront money such as advertising banner impressions, side panel ads, member account upgrades, perks that appeal to a member’s vanity such as a custom shoutbox title and/or custom shoutbox  image that is shown alongside the member’s username when they chat. Note that I didn’t mention paid to click or paid to signup advertising as a prize because those types of advertising will require you to pay the responding members when they are shown and engaged.

Holding such low-budget baseline contests and keeping them running all the time you’ll find are a win-win for all involved. You’d be surprised at how many members consider such prizes to be valuable and the GPT site will enjoy the benefits of always having a number of members competing to complete the most offers and refer the most members.

ADVICE: Know that many people who frequent GPT sites (industry regulars) take contest activity extremely serious business. It tends to appear unseemly if any of the contest rules change after the contest has started (even if you consider it a relatively minor change) It’s best to think the whole contest through and decide on everything beforehand.  If you find out that you’ve made an error in logic with regard to the contest rules then it is much preferable to stick with your initially published rules, terms, and conditions for the contest and simply learn from the experience rather than to change anything in the midst of the contest running.

Some of the common things that come up in such instances where you may feel compelled to clarify or change your initially published contest terms might be:  Poor participation (include a clause to define what happens to the contest when it is discovered that the contest is suffering from lack of participation such as a declaration that the referral contest does not officially start until at least one member reaches a minimum of 10 (arbitrary number you insert) referrals – if no member reaches the minimum declared number of qualifying referrals by contest end then the contest will be considered void due to minimum participation requirements not being met.  If it is an offer contest then something similar can be mentioned such as minimum number of offers required to activate the contest.

Though changing the contest rules, terms or conditions in the midst of a contest is definitely NOT recommended including a statement defining your right to change contest terms in the midst of any contest is recommended.  Here is a statement that seems to cover anything that may come up: “RIGHT TO CANCEL, MODIFY OR DISQUALIFY: If for any reason the Contest is not capable of running as planned, including infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures, or any other causes which corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity, or proper conduct of the Contest, site administration reserves the right at its sole discretion to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Contest. Site administration further reserves the right to disqualify any Entrant who tampers with the submission process or any other part of the Contest or Contest Site.



OFFER Contests

Offer Contests are a favorite amongst GPT site regulars



Referral contests are a great way to grow your site’s member base.  Referral contests will keep the attention of those members (usually a select few) that live for the promotion of GPT sites and gaining referrals.  The work they do usually makes up for their smaller number of members.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about this regular recurring referral contest being the only referral contest you run, only contests with prizes such as these you can afford to run all the time versus the blockbuster referral contests that I recommend you run on occasion that really get;s the referrals piling in to get on your site.

It should be mentioned here that in order to avoid referral fraud (bogus signups) from happening then there are certain minimum requirements to a referral contest that you should always have in effect for all of your referral contests.  The first requirement that’s highly recommended is to require that all referrals referred intended to qualify for the contest meet the first minimum requirement that to count they need to complete at least one offer and that the total offers combined must be at least $0.10 or 10 points (there is an area on the contest add form specifically for specifying this)   It’s really easy for a person to gain throwaway referrals that will come to your site, sign up just to count as a referral in the referral contest, and leave never to be seen again.  If your contest specifies that they must complete and offer to count then you will get a higher caliber of referrals counting towards the contest.

If your site is mainly based in the USA though accepts members from other countries then it’s customary for referral contests to the main 4 or 5 countries that are English speaking.  Also consider what countries you have many offer for and then also notice which countries are lacking a large number of offers (what use would it be to you to have new members from certain countries that have little or no offers to be completed – yes, that’s pretty much useless)  The most common countries to include in referral contests would be the USA, Canada, the UK, and Australia.  Yes, it’s ok for all of your members (from all countries) to participate in the referral contest but specify only those countries that you want to target as the only countries from which new members will count toward the contest.  yes, for normal non-contest referral activity it’s fine to allow referrals from many countries (just it’s not best for a contest environment)

Setting Up the Referral Contest

In your ShiftCode GPT Admin Panel on the lower portion of the left side ‘Products’ menu locate the ‘Referral Contest’ selection and click on it.  This is the area where you’ll be creating and managing your referral contest from.  Notice the ‘Add Contest’ selection in the upper left of the middle page area.  Assuming that you are ready to add a new referral contest (and you’ve thought things through) then click on ‘Add Contest’.  You should see a page similar to the below screenshot image:

Add a Referral Contest

Take a moment to get familiar with each selection by hovering on the blue question marks towards the right side margin (simply hover over each question mark and you’ll see a brief description of each item appear)