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Official ShiftCode Self-Help Resources

Unless you’ve hired a professional team of staff (rarely done and rarely needed) to help you build your GPT site there are times where you may feel stumped about this or that technical aspect of your ShiftCode GPT site build out and operation.  Don’t worry, we’ve (GPT site admins) all been there and there is a whole host of online resources available to help make your GPT site administration experience a success.


Official ShiftCode Online Resources:

  • ShiftCode Online Discussion Forum – An open public online forum where you can post non-account-specific questions on most all topics of building, operating, promoting, etc. your new GPT site or Performa network.  The forum also has public areas for site public site discussion and promotion. [FEED]
    ShiftCode Online Discussion Forum
  • ShiftCode Online Client Portal – Within your private client account area (while logged in) you’ll find separate areas for checking what services you currently subscribe to (and for ordering new services), a billing area (for checking your invoices, paying your bill, etc.), a support area where you are able to create an account-specific private support request ticket, check previous support tickets (sometimes called a ‘trouble ticket’), view network wide announcements, find official download (when available), and view the network status.  It should be noted that the support ticket system is designed to be a resource of last resort (when you can’t find your answer in any other areas of the vast support resources already offered by ShiftCode)
    ShiftCode Online Client Portal  
  • ShiftCode Official Facebook Group – Though not used as often as it had been before the forum took up the slack this group still has its moments of usefulness here and there.  You must apply to join this ‘closed’ (meaning ‘private’)  group and be approved by one of the group admins as a known ShiftCode site admin.  Occasionally (rarely as needed) ShiftCode staff may post additional information in this group concerning scheduled maintenance / upgrade site downtime, temporary network outages, ShiftCode GPT and Performa Network script promotions and sales, billing notices, terms of service (TOS) updates, security bulletins, etc.
     ShiftCode Official Facebook Group  
  • ShiftCode News & Announcements – This is the very FIRST place you should consult when experiencing any technical difficulties with your site(s) such as a temporary disruption in service.  News, announcements, and proactive instructions are posted here as necessary.  There is also a duplication (updated in real-time) of the information displayed in the ShiftCode News & Announcements that’s located right here on this site in the lowermost part of the right side panel here (as seen in the below image)  Please also note that this information is located in a FEED directly from the source and readable in any popular RSS / ATOM site feed reader:   RSS Feed ShiftCode & Performa Network Announcements Feed 
  • ShiftCode & Performa Announcement Feed in the Right Side Panel Here on This Site

  • Help Icons help icon  in the ShiftCode GPT Admin Panel – While browsing options and settings in your admin panel please notice the many question mark help icons ( question mark help icon )  Also notice that when present you can either hover over and/or click upon the question mark help icon to receive additional explanations.
    question mark help icon

As you may notice on your new GPT site default (grey) site template “We suggest you join our Facebook group for Peer to Peer Assistance – HERE” with an emphasis on ‘Peer to Peer’ meaning you’re relying on fellow GPT site admins for help – if you are looking for mission critical, account specific, or official answers then we suggest the ‘ShiftCode Online Client Portal’ support ticket option.

The ShiftCode Client Portal also contains a News & Announcements page where you can find “All the latest from ShiftCode & Performa Network, Innovative Affiliate Marketing/Networking Software System Service Official News & Announcements” by viewing the page, viewing the feed, and/or subscribing (recommended) to the feed via email (below)

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