Early ‘Legacy’ Documentation (Very Basic & Mostly Outdated)


Purchase a domain if you haven’t yet and update the name servers to point to NS1.SHIFTCODE.COM and NS2.SHIFTCODE.COM.

You must have ownership and control over a domain name in order to fully setup your site. Domain names can be purchased for various prices from companies such as http://godaddy.com, http://namecheap.com, or others. After you have purchased, or if you already own a domain name, please read below to finish configuration.


Domain Name Setup


To get your domain name working properly, you will first need to login to manage your domain name. Wherever you purchased the domain name from is where you would login at to manage it. Once logged into your domain registrar, navigate to the name server section and update them to the following:




Name server updates could take up to 12-48 hours to fully update across the Internet so have patience during this time.


Changing Domain Name


Domain name changes are only permitted if you are the original owner of the website or if you have owned the website for at least 90 days. If you need to change your domain name to a different name, you must first purchase the domain and update the name servers (to the name servers listed above). Once you have finished purchasing and updating name servers, please submit a ticket requesting a domain change. Please note that there is a charge involved in having this done.


Renewing Domain Name


Please note that we have nothing to do with renewing your domain name. All domain names must be renewed through the domain registrar in which you purchased the domain name from.




Admin Panel

Access your administration panel through the link that was emailed to you or by logging in through http://shiftcode.com website itself.


Find the Configure link within your admin panel and set the E-mail address you want users to see when they register. Also setup the payment methods you accept if you allow ads, upgrades, or items to be purchased.

Product Configuration – Contact Form

Under Products, find the Contact Form link. Enter the e-mail address where you wish to receive the messages sent through the contact form.

Product Configuration – Membership

Under Products, find Membership → Configure → Security. Set how you want the system to react against members when they login and choose which countries you want to allow registration to. Several other options can be found on the main Configure page as well as the Registration page. Browse through and read through the help icons to setup optional items as desired.

Product Configuration – Withdraw

Under Products, find the Withdraw link. Choose a method from the dropdown list (such as PayPal) and click Add Method. Configure the setup as desired and click Add Method.


Click Configure → Downtime. You can put your site in construction mode so visitors cannot see your website. There is an option to put in IP addresses allowed to visit your site as well. The downtime option is often used when just starting up your website or when you are going under major changes and don’t want others to have a sneak peek.


Click Configure → E-mail. When users register to your website or when they receive any e-mail from you that you send out, they will see the “From Name” and the “From E-mail” that you have setup. So simply provide the name and the e-mail and save your changes. In E-mail → Alerts, you can choose which e-mails you’d like to receive. In Configure → Messages, you can customize e-mails that your members receive.

IP List

Click Configure → IP List. Block certain countries, IP addresses, and/or ISP providers from accessing your site.

Payment Methods

Click Configure → Payment Methods. Setup payment methods you are willing to accept when members purchase items from your site.