Enable Your Withdrawal List / Payment Proof Page

ShiftCode provides a built in list of all withdrawals you have paid and you have the option of enabling or disabling this withdrawal list page.  On every ShiftCode GPT site IF the admin hasn’t disabled it then if you add ‘/members/withdraw/list.php’ to the site’s URL then you’ll be able to see all the withdrawals that have been paid.
If the admin has disabled the page then you’ll only see a plain white page with the phrase “This page is disabled.” on it.
Personally, I feel that this page can be a great asset to promote and you should enable it.  If your site is brand new and doesn’t show many entries then chances are people will understand knowing that the site is new.  Here (below) is what a typical withdrawal list page looks like (though this one comes from a site with a dark design theme):   (to see this page LIVE on this site simply click on the image)
Withdrawal List Page
The setting to disable this page is located in the very last section of the left side navigational ‘products’ menu under the ‘Withdraw’ heading.  So you would go to Withdraw > Configure in the admin panel to get there.

Withdraw > Configure

Here You’ll see a page like below and if you want your Withdrawal List page active and public then simply make sure that the option ‘Public List:[ ] Disable viewers from seeing the public withdraw list.‘ is unchecked and then click ‘Update’:
Enable Withdraw list
You can then make sure that your withdrawal list / payment proof page is truly enabled by simply surfing over to http://www.YourOwnGPTSite.com/members/withdraw/list.php

Once you have a few payments under your belt then that is a great time to promote that page and also don’t forget to link to that page from somewhere else on your GPT site as well (the default template doesn’t link to this page anywhere by default)

One other thing I’d like to mention is that you also have the option of making this Withdrawal List page (or any other page on your site) the default page people see when they’ve clicked on a referral link (sent to your site as the referral of a present site member)  I’ve seen this strategy work well with a few sites (that way then the referral can see that your site is indeed a regularly paying site the second they are sent to your site!)
The way you accomplish this is by going to Membership > Configure from the left site admin panel navigational menu.  Once you get there you’ll see a page like is shown below (showing the Referrals section only  intentionally):
Referring to Your Withdrawals List
The setting that we’re specifically interested in here is the “Referral Page:[            ] This should usually be set to the homepage or the registration page.” drop-down box.  Simply change this setting to ‘Withdraws’ and now all referred members will initially see you Withdrawals List as payment Proof page.
Personally, from a GPT site member’s point of view I’ve always found it incredibly rude to be directed to a page long registration page as my first view of a GPT site (?)  I’d much rather browse around a few pages before committing to signing up.  This setting is where you set that page that referred people get sent to your site – first off (their very first impression of your GPT site !)  Do you want that page to be a long page with a whole bunch of personal question registration fields to be filled in – first off? NO!

Don’t worry if it’s not the registration page because when they click upon a referral link then a browser cookie get’s set thereby making the person that referred them to your site the person credited for the referral (no matter how much surfing they do – as long as they don’t clear their browser cookies)
If everything went well with the above change then when you log in to your site as a member then you will see that the member’s ‘Your Referral URL’ has also changed to the withdraw list (as seen below)  I’m strictly speaking of the “/members/withdraw/list.php” part:
Referral URL Change