Expanding ALL Your GPT Admin Panel Menu Options (optional)

Expanding ALL Your Menu Options (totally optional step based on your own personal preferences – may be skipped)

If you wish to have ALL of your admin panel options expanded (showing as is shown below on the left in the image below) instead of being kept compact (most options unseen until expanded – as is seen on the right – below) then while you are logged in as the administrator in the admin panel click on ‘Edit Preferences’ button on the top red horizontal menu bar (toward the left on the top)

The page section heading will say ‘Template’ though we are only interested in the ‘Expand All’ checkbox at this point.  Check the ‘Expand All’ checkbox indicating ‘Wes, keep all the navigation links expanded’.  Ignore (don’t change) the ‘Template’ drop-down box below it (though it should already be set to the ‘ShiftCode 2.0’ selection)  Click the the ‘Update’ button to save your ‘Expand All’ preference (you’ll then see a green backed ‘Success!’ confirmation)


You also should now notice that ALL your admin panel navigation options on all the menus have been expanded with all options showing.  Do you like all the options showing and expanded or do you find this distracting, confusing, and/or overwhelming? (some people do)  If you dislike like everything expanded then go back and uncheck the ‘Expand All’ box and ‘Update’ again.  I’ve always found that seeing all of my options expanded and open makes it easier to locate the configuration areas I’m looking for (it’s totally your choice but I will assume that your menus are in the ‘expanded’ mode from this point forward in this document)