Includes Designer Help Sheet

ID Name Code
_addressForm Address – Form {~include file=”_addressForm”~}
_banner_rotater Banner Rotation {~include file=”_banner_rotater” group=”” unique=0~}
_banner_stats_top Banner Rotation – Stats – Top {~include file=”_banner_stats_top”~}
_bonus_activity Bonus – Acitivity {~include file=”_bonus_activity”~}
_bonus_ad Bonus – Ad {~include file=”_bonus_ad”~}
_cart_count Shopping Cart – Number of Items {~include file=”_cart_count” url=0~}
_cart_show Shopping Cart – Show Items {~include file=”_cart_show”~}
_cart_top Shopping Cart – Top {~include file=”_cart_top”~}
_catalog_search Catalog Search Form {~include file=”_catalog_search”~}
_cat_route Catalog Route {~include file=”_cat_route”~}
_countdown Display Countdown {~include file=”_countdown”~}
_counter Counter {~include file=”_counter”~}
_downloads_viewers Downloads – Viewers {~include file=”_downloads_viewers”~}
_errors Errors {~include file=”_errors”~}
_fileSize Get the File Size {~include file=”_fileSize”~}
_forms_top Forms – Top {~include file=”_forms_top”~}
_gameTokens_balance Game Tokens – User Balance {~include file=”_gameTokens_balance”~}
_happeningNow Happening Now {~include file=”_happeningNow” alert=””~}
_inbox_top Inbox System – Top {~include file=”_inbox_top”~}
_inbox_unread Inbox – User’s Unread Messages {~include file=”_inbox_unread” url=0~}
_jackpot_amt Jackpot – Amount {~include file=”_jackpot_amt” pot=0~}
_jackpot_past Jackpot – Past Winners {~include file=”_jackpot_past”~}
_jackpot_totalEntries Jackpot – Total Entries {~include file=”_jackpot_totalEntries” pot=0~}
_jackpot_userEntries Jackpot – User’s Entries {~include file=”_jackpot_userEntries” pot=0~}
_loyalty_top Loyalty Bonus – Top {~include file=”_loyalty_top”~}
_loyalty_user Loyalty Bonus – User’s Points {~include file=”_loyalty_user”~}
_members_addressForm Members – Address – Form {~include file=”_members_addressForm”~}
_members_advStats_top Members – Advertising Stats Menu {~include file=”_members_advStats_top”~}
_members_adv_top Members – Advertising Menu {~include file=”_members_adv_top”~}
_members_amts Members – Display Amounts {~include file=”_members_amts” trim=1~}
_members_count Members – Count {~include file=”_members_count”~}
_members_current Members – Current Earnings {~include file=”_members_current”~}
_members_link Members – Link {~include file=”_members_link”~}
_members_locked Members – User’s Locked Balance {~include file=”_members_locked”~}
_members_loginStatus Members – Login Status {~include file=”_members_loginStatus”~}
_members_online Members – Online Users {~include file=”_members_online”~}
_members_payments Members – Display Payment Amounts {~include file=”_members_payments”~}
_members_refEarnings Members – User’s Referral Earnings {~include file=”_members_refEarnings”~}
_members_refs Members – User’s Referrals {~include file=”_members_refs”~}
_members_targeted Members – Targeted {~include file=”_members_targeted”~}
_members_top Members – Top Menu {~include file=”_members_top”~}
_members_total Members – Total Earnings {~include file=”_members_total”~}
_members_user Members – User’s Balance {~include file=”_members_user”~}
_meta Meta Tags {~include file=”_meta”~}
_news News – Display {~include file=”_news” limit=10~}
_pager Pager {~include file=”_pager”~}
_payment_return Payments – Thank You Messages {~include file=”_payment_return”~}
_pixel_buy_top Pixel – Buy – Top {~include file=”_pixel_buy_top”~}
_pixel_display Pixel – Display {~include file=”_pixel_display”~}
_pixel_stats_top Pixel – Stats – Top {~include file=”_pixel_stats_top”~}
_points_completed Points System – Completed Amount {~include file=”_points_completed”~}
_points_display Points – Display {~include file=”_points_display”~}
_points_top Points – Rewards – Top {~include file=”_points_top”~}
_points_user Points System – User’s Points {~include file=”_points_user”~}
_poll Poll {~include file=”_poll” id=0~}
_poll_display Poll – Display {~include file=”_poll_display”~}
_ptc_count Paid to Click – Count {~include file=”_ptc_count”~}
_ptc_display Paid to Click – Display Advertisement {~include file=”_ptc_display”~}
_ptc_earnings Paid to Click – Earnings {~include file=”_ptc_earnings”~}
_ptc_stats_top Paid to Click – Stats – Top {~include file=”_ptc_stats_top”~}
_ptc_userClicks Paid to Signup – User Clicks {~include file=”_ptc_userClicks”~}
_pts_amts Members – Paid to Signup – Display Amounts {~include file=”_pts_amts” trim=1~}
_pts_count Paid to Signup – Count {~include file=”_pts_count” excludeCats=””~}
_pts_display Paid to Signup – Display Advertisement {~include file=”_pts_display”~}
_pts_earnings Paid to Signup – Earnings {~include file=”_pts_earnings”~}
_pts_lastAdded Paid to Signup – Last 10 Added {~include file=”_pts_lastAdded” horizontal=0 limit=10~}
_pts_lastCredited Paid to Signup – Last 10 Credited {~include file=”_pts_lastCredited” horizontal=0 limit=10 unique=0~}
_pts_mostCompleted Paid to Signup – Most Completed {~include file=”_pts_mostCompleted” horizontal=0 limit=10 days=0~}
_pts_stats_top Paid to Signup – Stats – Top {~include file=”_pts_stats_top”~}
_pts_top Paid to Signup – Top {~include file=”_pts_top”~}
_pts_userCompleted Paid to Signup – User Completed Count {~include file=”_pts_userCompleted” excludeCats=””~}
_securityForm Security Code Form {~include file=”_securityForm”~}
_shout Shoutbox {~include file=”_shout”~}
_side_display Side Panel {~include file=”_side_display” horizontal=”0″~}
_side_stats_top Side Panel – Stats – Top {~include file=”_side_stats_top”~}
_signature Signature {~include file=”_signature”~}
_sorter Sorter {~include file=”_sorter”~}
_success Success {~include file=”_success”~}
_ticket_top Trouble Ticket – Top {~include file=”_ticket_top”~}
_withdraw_completed Withdraw – Completed Amount {~include file=”_withdraw_completed”~}
_withdraw_form Withdraw – Form {~include file=”_withdraw_form”~}
_withdraw_pending Withdraw – Pending Amount {~include file=”_withdraw_pending”~}
_withdraw_top Withdraw – Top {~include file=”_withdraw_top”~}
_withdraw_user Withdraw – User’s Completed Amount {~include file=”_withdraw_user”~}