Performa Affiliate Network Configuration and Offer Wall Installation

This chapter covers Performa affiliate network configuration (both integrated and custom external networks) and offer wall installation and configuration

First, for those of you that may be confused about the different forms of offer sources such as the integrated Performa networks, the external ‘other’ or ‘premium’ affiliate networks, then there are the various Offer Wall sources (the last time I checked there were over 20 different types and brands of offer wall sources out there today and growing)

Your ultimate goal in the GPT business (severely simplified) – get as many of your site members to complete as many offers thereby reaching a ‘conversion’ point respectfully, correctly, non-fraudulently and complying with the terms of the offer.  Offer leads and conversions (sometimes terms used interchangeably in the business) is what the advertiser’s web site will trigger when they consider the offer to have been completed (per the described offer requirements) at a satisfactory level. The  completion triggered message – the ‘OK you are getting paid for this offer completion’ signal is relayed down from the advertiser to the representing affiliate network at which point that network uses the data that was passed down to identify which (of the network publishers) should get credit for the conversion.

Q)  What are the Differences, Advantages, Disadvantages, and Oddities of Each Type of Offer Source?

       A)  An Affiliate Network generally is an online marketing hub company that provides offers (or ad campaigns).  An affiliate network tends to act as a go-between (or middle man) between the advertiser (generally a company with a product or service they wish to promote via offers or ad campaigns that in our business usually takes the form of ‘incentivized’ cost-per-action (CPA) ‘banner advertising’.

  • PerformaNetLogo12060 An integrated Performa Affiliate Network is an affiliate network that runs the Performa network script (web site software for building an affiliate network) The Performa network script was conceptualized and built long ago by a group of highly skilled programmers who came up with a brand new concept in Get Paid To (GPT) sites (ShiftCode) that came paired perfectly along with a network script (Performa) that was designed to use automation and integration at such a level of precision that both scripts exclusively communicate with each other using their own secure proprietary language thereby allowing a notable definite increase in efficiency and accuracy handling each offer click to conversion transaction much more effectively than networks (no other network in business / or network script commercially available comes even close to the degree of integration and ease of workload to the GPT admin that the Performa network script provides.

    Performa networks are the only networks that with the ShiftCode GPT script have a no-brainer intuitive simple fully integrated initial network (Performa) setup for each Performa network you see listed in your ShiftCode GPT admin panel. Once you complete the simple basic nine (9) field set up configuration for each Performa network you choose then you will enjoy a persistent integrated and efficient connection (information exchange) about events that happen with regard to your GPT site members clicking on, completing (or failing to complete), gaining credit for the completion (yes, it knows which site member is credited for each action) or the offer remaining in ‘pending’ status (which if it turns out to be ‘pending’ for a long time (usually days) then that will signify that the GPT site member had clicked on the offer and either attempted to complete the offer and changed their mind before the offer completion landmark was reached, clicked and didn’t even try (common), or went on to complete the offer which resulted in an offer ‘lead’ or ‘conversion’  (usually by way of combination of a browser cookie and a tracking ‘pixel’ – which will be described later in this chapter)

    Performa networks also have the distinct advantage as being the least ‘data entry work’ (adding offers) intensive procedure of all other types of networks.  With just a few simple configuration settings, keystrokes, and clicks you can manage to perfectly import ALL of a Performa networks available offers while they are sorted automatically into their own categories your pre-define and the lead rates (how much cash currency or points currency the offer completion yields to the site member (after you have taken your pre-defined (by you) percentage ‘cut’ of the action (wink)  The automation and simplicity is the magic of the ShiftCode / Performa (integrated together) system that you will learn to respect almost as heaven sent (compared to the horrors in the complication of setting up all other types of offer sources)

    Performa (ShiftCode Based and Integrated) Affiliate Networks: On ShiftCode GPT sites it is by design (not by chance) that you’ll definitely inevitably eventually come to the conclusion that tending to prefer Performa (ShiftCode based and integrated) begins to grow on you.  It’s just so simple unique and graceful.  You’ll find that after just a bit of time working with your ShiftCode admin panel, getting to learn your way around (yes, it all looks daunting at first but believe me that it gets fun over time – it’s like having your own personal Starship Enterprise to command (yes, I’m a Trekkie and that the only superlative I could think of on demand – lol))

    Anyways, the point I’m trying to get across is that tons of time and frustration can be avoided by going with mostly or only Performa networks (especially as you are learning your way around – Performa networks are SO MUCH easier to deal with and they rely on your coming to them specifically (on Performa networks they are completely familiar and comfortable with favoring genuine ShiftCode Get Paid To (GPT) sites as their main traffic sources.  With networks based on any other network script then you’ll never encounter any better integrations with ShiftCode sites that Performa Networks !

    If it was just that easy then that would be fine but sometimes in this GPT site business things get a bit odd in this or that areas such as these.  

Choosing Amongst the Integrated Performa Networks:

  • Available immediately as you initially log in to your ShiftCode GPT admin panel (the home / default page) in the top center of the page you may want to review the ‘Latest Performa Network News’ board which is an added better communications feature only available to Performa networks in order to better communicate with ShiftCode GPT admin (you)  It is worth your while to browse this section often when seeking Performa network news and important information from these fully integrated Performa networks.  The Latest Performa Network News board looks like this (below) and notice that each news item is clickable to learn more about each network listed with recent news:

Offer Source Configuration Instructions:


Performa Network Setup: (simple comparably) For the purposes of demonstration and illustration here I will walk your through the entire process of getting your ShiftCode GPT connected and performing optimally with the most familiar (to me) Performa network that I’m currently aware of – Skippy Ads (friendly people) I’ll be using them as an example below.  You may apply these very same steps to any Performa network(s) you choose. These are the exact steps you will need to take for each Performa network you apply as a publisher to and I’ll assume you know nothing about the process (a one-size-fits-all description of the exact process for ANY Performa network)

On the left side of your ShiftCode GPT admin panel the long navigational menu with the ‘Products’ heading please find the ‘Paid To Signup’ sub heading (about half way down the page)[I also wish to point out at this time that this ShiftCode menu (and for that matter ALL the ShiftCode menus) are ordered alphabetically with ‘A’ at the top]  Once you’ve found the ‘Paid To Signup’ sub heading then click on ‘Paid To Signup > Affiliate Networks’ and you will see a live list of Performa Networks just awaiting your contact for approval (ShiftCode GPT sites are the bulk of their business)

Choose a network from that list (some may suggest that you do your due diligence in researching and asking around (to other GPT ShiftCode admins) about what Performa networks they work with, recommend, and those that they have had generally good experiences with.   Like actually ‘getting paid’ (on time, or ‘at all’…) is a major nice quality of a good affiliate network (yes, I’m being sarcastic – laugh) but do watch out because it’s never ‘out of the question’ that the volatile (at times) affiliate network business may produce some duds every once in a while (not THAT much of an issue that you won’t get paid from the ‘insert random network name here’ network but just know that it happens)  But not with my example – they have and continue to be honest and friendly 🙂

Ok, now for the sake of demonstration let’s say you have chose Skippy Ads Performa Network from the list (though again these very same instructions stand for any Performa network of your choice on the list.

  1. Click on the Skippy Ads network name / link on the Affiliate Network (Performa Network) list:netsp
  2. You’ll be taken to a page with a ‘Setup’ heading that will offer you a Publisher Join Link, a Publisher Key Link, and then an empty ‘Publisher Key’ field.  Click on the Publisher Join Link to be taken to that network’s Publisher Application page.  Please note that it’s critically crucial that you complete all of the information sought on the publisher application truthfully and completely as these are the people that will eventually be paying you so that you are able to pay your GPT site members a portion of what you receive from the network for their offer completions.  These people (the network) are the very last people who you want to aggravate or to be caught being dishonest with in any way (they can and will not hesitate to reserve payment to you indefinitely for suspected dishonesty and fraud!)  Once your application is complete then review it once more before you submit it for processing by the network.

    You will then see the Performa Network Page Read: “If you own a ShiftCode site then you will have access to our offers straight from your admin panel with easy features to add campaigns. All you will need to-do is log into your admin panel and navigate to Paid to Signup > Affiliate Networks. Then under the GainCorp* Networks select Skippy Ads. You will need to enter your Publisher Key which is provided below in order to gain access.”    * Note: ‘GainCorp is just a former historical brand name for a ‘Performa’ network.