Perform Web Hosting Server Functions from the Client Services Panel

Be aware that a number of web hosting server functions can be performed from within the Client Services Panel at
Once you’ve logged in and are in the ‘Services’ tab then you will see the products and services you are currently licensed for.  Simply click on the specific service to manage the product’s server.  In the lower portion of this page then you will see a Website Management module that looks like this:
screnshot#1550 - 'Client Area - Shiftcode & PerformaNetwork, I_'

Note that these Website Management functions are very rarely needed – just please do know that they are here (use with caution!)

Especially be careful with the following function (be sure not to inadvertently cancel your hosting service due to ‘pilot error’ here:

screnshot#1551 - 'Client Area - Shiftcode & PerformaNetwork, I_'