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Useful Misc Information Regarding ShiftCode and Performa

  • Performa” Networks (the ShiftCode integrated affiliate networks) are sometimes referred to as “Gain Corp” Networks because they were originally (many years ago) operated by (and named for) a corporation named ‘Gain Corporation’ that owned both ShiftCode and the integrated affiliated network script – now both properties owned by Alisa Holdings.  You will still rarely come across the ‘Gain Corp’ designation while applying as publishers at affiliate networks, registering at 3rd party GPT and affiliate network related sites, and there are still a few areas within the ShiftCode / Performa system where the term hasn’t yet been changed.
  • There is still an older now unused version of an earlier ShiftCode Account Management Portal that has since been replaced by the new ShiftCode Client Portal.
  • ShiftCode.com (the domain name) was first registered on September 11, 2005 (which could be considered the pts/gpt script name inception date)  If you would like to browse historical iterations of the ShiftCode.com site then look here on the ‘Archive.org’ ‘Internet Archive WaybackMachine’.