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Important Information to Know Before You Edit ANY Code!

Important Information to Know Before You Edit ANY Code!

  1. Make Complete Backups of Default Code First (Crucial!)  <– Click on the link to read the article.
  2. Know About the Anomaly in the ShiftCode Editor: The ShiftCode script is a masterpiece of software development though one elusive unexpected behavior with the code editor has been extremely hard to find and fix (though know we are working on it)  Here’s what to look out for (if you’re not paying attention it could result in errors in your code):

    When you first open a template (or script, or include, etc.) everything look s fine but then you may notice on your first character edit that somehow the mouse cursor is editing the wrong area a line or two down.  If you didn’t notice that the cursor was misbehaving and editing some whole other portion of code below where you think you’re editing – and you saved the template then, then chances are that your template is destroyed by only a few characters.

    To properly handle this initial cursor misbehavior then you need to remember to check and re-synchronize the cursor position by simply editing one single character (and then deleting your edit) every time you open a template to edit. This one (or more) character solve fixes the issue completely for the whole time that file is open and being edited (and it doesn’t reoccur until the file is saved and a new editing session is begun again on a new or the same file)

    I know that one shouldn’t have to resort to this but the way that I solve this issue completely for myself is to use a devoted commercial code editor by simply copying and pasting whatever I’m editing into it, editing it, pasting it back, and then saving it.  The professional code editor I prefer is CodeLobster and though I actually purchased the professional version then know that they also have an absolutely FREE fully functional version for download at www.CodeLobster.com

  3. …to be continued talking about not hard-coding links…