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Outlining the Extensive Built in Jackpot System

The ShiftCode GPT site script jackpot system has been well thought through in its creation.  You have the built in capability to define up to five (5) entirely separate jackpots with different conditions and prizes.

To access the jackpot system settings then simply go to the left side admin panel menu and choose Products > Jackpot:

Jackpot Configuration

Please note the five individual jackpot buttons at the top of the page representing the five possible jackpots that you may enable:

Numbered Jackpot Buttons (top)

Clicking on the ‘Jackpot’ selection directly will take you to a page that looks like the below image where clicking on these numbered jackpot buttons (page top) will enable you to check the status of each individual jackpots when enabled and configured.

Clicking on the ‘Jackpot > Configure’ selection will allow you to enable and specify each numbered jackpot as seen below:

Jackpot Configuration Page

Configuring jackpots is relatively straightforward though I will go through each item here though please also keep in mind that useful hints are located under the help question marks help question mark symbolfor each entry as well.  We’ll be going through each item on the Jackpot > Configure page shown:

Jackpot Configuiration Explained


Here is some reference information to aid in displaying stats and other information related to jackpots:

The scripts & includes which specifically deal with jackpots are these:

Include ID / Script ID File Name Script / Include Title Display Usage or Purpose

NOTE: pot=0 indicates all/any jackpots combined while pot=x where ‘x’ is a number between 1 and 5 indicates which jackpot you are referring to

_jackpot_amt Jackpot – Amount {~include file=”_jackpot_amt” pot=0~}
_jackpot_past Jackpot – Past Winners {~include file=”_jackpot_past”~}
_jackpot_totalEntries Jackpot – Total Entries {~include file=”_jackpot_totalEntries” pot=0~}
_jackpot_userEntries Jackpot – User’s Entries {~include file=”_jackpot_userEntries” pot=0~}
_ptsJackpot Members – Paid to Signup – Jackpot Displays current Jackpot information to the member under the ‘Jackpot’ selection on the member’s menu. Also displays a link to the Jackpot past winners history.
_ptsJackpot_past Members – Paid to Signup – Jackpot – Past Displays past jackpot winners, date, and jackpot amount.

It must also be mentioned here that each paid to signup offer includes individual controls as to how jackpot entries are treated in relation to that offer.  For example in the below test offer’s details page (arrived by clicking on ‘Paid To Signup’ directly from the left side ‘Products’ menu and then clicking upon the offer you wish to edit) then in the lower half ‘Other’ section of that offer details page is a ‘Jackpot’ selection which allows you to choose between ‘Use default jackpot settings’,  ‘Specify custom jackpot settings for this offer’ (with further options appearing), or ‘Never give entries for this offer’:

Showing Jackpot Config Section on PTS Offer Edit Page

PTS Offer Specific Jackpot Settings