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Affiliate Program Basics

The ShiftCode/Performa Affiliate Program is a performance based affiliate / referral program that rewards affiliates for sales their traffic triggers through their Unique Referral Link.  The affiliate program is available to existing clients of ShiftCode and/or Performa though it is also open to persons who already have an account or create an account by registering for a free account at the Alisa Holdings Client Portal (ShiftCode & Performa are a division of Alisa Holdings, Inc.)

NOTE: You may not be credited for any self-referral activity as in you (yourself – or someone at your same specific location) purchasing through your own referral link from your own internet connection or physical location !  Such activity (unreported or ‘un-confessed’ beforehand is considered fraud (grounds for program termination) upon discovery !)

Once logged in to the client portal the Affiliate Program feature of the portal may be reached by clicking upon ‘Affiliates’ from the upper drop-down navigation menu or by going to the following URL while logged in: http://www.alisaholdings.com/billing/affiliates.php  

The page you arrive at should look somewhat like the following image:

ShiftCode & Performa Affiliate Program 
Affiliate commissions may be subject to a commissions maturation time period.  Affiliates will be able to request a withdrawal as soon as the affiliate’s balance reaches the minimum required amount of $25.00 USD.  

Identification & the Proper Use of Your Own Unique Referral Link:

While logged in to the ShiftCode / Performa / AlisaHoldings.com Client Portal on the ‘Affiliates’ page towards the center of the page just underneath the statement that says ‘ Your Unique Referral Link ‘ is your own unique referral link (as seen in the image below):
Your Unique Referral Link
In the above referral link image example what would be your own affiliate number (one, two, or three digits) is represented by the three (3) ‘ X ‘s at the end of the referral tracking link example.  In order to gain any type of referral credit for any actions (sales, etc.) the person you intend to refer completes then he/she MUST click on your unique referral link before any referral credit (to you) qualifying sales purchases are performed.

In the below section then you’ll find creative banner images for your use in combination with your unique referral link to create a clickable banner advertisement for your prospective referral to click upon that will take them to the client portal where for them to find sales information on qualifying licensing purchases they must click on ‘Order Hosting’.

Here (below) is example HTML code that will help your create a clickable banner linking to your unique referral link:

<a href=”http://billing.alisaholdings.com/aff.php?aff=XXX” target=”_blank”><img src=”http://forum.shiftcode.com/index.php?media/shiftcode-branded-468-x-60-gpt-script-referral-banner.2/full” width=”468″ height=”60″ border=”1″ /></a>

IMPORTANT:  Make sure in your code that will use that you include your own unique referral link (instead of the above example referral link that ends in the three ‘X’s ! (if you mess this part up then you will never get credited for any licensing purchases – ever !)

Suitable creatives (banner images, etc.) may be gathered from the following media albums of the ShiftCode Official Discussion Forum:


The creatives we prefer that you use are as follows (they are available in their respective albums as linked above)  The following banners may be downloaded and served from your own image host or they may be hot linked to using the specified ‘Direct Link’ URL  The ‘Share Page’ provides additional information and linking options (on the right side lower portion of the page)

You may edit and/or resize the banners but please do maintain the proper image aspect ratio as not to stretch or distort the image quality.  Added textual copy content you’ve added to a banner that does not already appear in our own direct sales material (on our own web sites as static sales material) must be pre-approved by ShiftCode staff before live use!

ShiftCode Branded 468 x 60 GPT Script Referral Banner

Share Page:  http://forum.shiftcode.com/index.php?media/shiftcode-branded-468-x-60-gpt-script-referral-banner.2/
Direct Link:   http://forum.shiftcode.com/index.php?media/shiftcode-branded-468-x-60-gpt-script-referral-banner.2/full

ShiftCode Branded 468 x 60 GPT Script Referral Banner

ShiftCode Branded 300 x 250 GPT Script Referral Banner

Share Page:  http://forum.shiftcode.com/index.php?media/yourownshiftcodegpt_300x250.11/
Direct Link:   http://forum.shiftcode.com/index.php?media/yourownshiftcodegpt_300x250.11/full
ShiftCode Branded 300 x 250 Banner

We Recommend ShiftCode GPTs 120 x 60 Site Badge

Share Page:  http://forum.shiftcode.com/index.php?media/we-recommend-shiftcode-gpts-120-x-60-site-badge.1/
Direct Link:    http://forum.shiftcode.com/index.php?media/we-recommend-shiftcode-gpts-120-x-60-site-badge.1/full
We Recommend ShiftCode GPTs 120 x 60 Site Badge

Performa Network Ad Banner 468 x 60

Share Page:  http://forum.shiftcode.com/index.php?media/performanet468x60.5/
Direct Link:   http://forum.shiftcode.com/index.php?media/performanet468x60.5/full

Performa Network Banner 468 x 60

Performa Network Ad Banner 300 x 250

Share Page:  http://forum.shiftcode.com/index.php?media/performa_ad_300x250.9/
Direct Link:   http://forum.shiftcode.com/index.php?media/performa_ad_300x250.9/full  

Performa Ad 300x250

Performa Network Logo 120 x 60

Share Page:  http://forum.shiftcode.com/index.php?media/performanetlogo120x60.10/
Direct Link:   http://forum.shiftcode.com/index.php?media/performanetlogo120x60.10/full

Performa Net Logo 120 x 60

Here is the substance of an emailed announcement sent out on September 25th, 2015:

Beginning from October 1st, we are able to pass savings from hosting bills to Shift Code site owners that are using average resources.  Your new monthly hosting and licensing fee for your site(s) will be reduced to $29.95 for invoice(s) generated after October 1st.

For sites that are using above average resources, we are unable to reduce the price just yet.  We will continue our effort to reduce the cost and pass the savings back to you.  Thank you for your continued support.

We also have a new promotion plan that we will pay $50 for each new site sales generated from your referral link.  Total fee for a new site is $89.95 including first month hosting.  After that, it would be $29.95 unless the resource usage is above average.

For existing site owners who plan to open new site(s), we will add the $50 discount back to your account for credit that can be used for future payments.

$50 affiliate bonuses / discounts will be paid on Net 60 terms.

The new rates pertain to Shift Code sites ONLY – Performa pricing will remain the same.

If you have any questions, please open a ticket at  http://billing.alisaholdings.com

In addition to your being able to log in to the affiliate area of the client portal to view performance and statistical reports any time you wish – you will also receive monthly reports similar to the below image:

Monthly Emailed Affiliate Referrals Report

Affiliates will remain active affiliates as long as their affiliate account remains in good standing at the sole discretion of Alisa Holdings, Inc. staff.  The affiliate’s program account may be suspended or terminated with or without specific cause with or without affiliate pay at the sole discretion of Alisa Holdings, Inc. staff in pursuant to our policies and terms of service.  Funds may be held indefinitely or until an internal investigation is concluded by staff in cases where traffic quality and/or the fraud risk may be concerning based solely at the discretion of Alisa Holdings, Inc. staff.  

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Performa Network (Affiliate Network) Site Script Pre-Licensing General Information

 Performa Network Script Licensing !

At Performa Network It’s our goal to bring you the best Affiliate Network software in the business. We have been at this for over a decade and know how to deliver performance for both you and your clients.  If you have questions on starting your own Affiliate Network then feel free to contact us by clicking here.

We specialize in making the best performing Affiliate Network and Incentivized Publisher software.  Also included with your Affiliate Network software is advertising to hundreds of affiliates / publishers for FREE. You will be automatically integrated with our ShiftCode software. ShiftCode is a website creation software that allows owners to incentivize Affiliate Network offers to their members [Please note that your integration with ShiftCode is a highly desirable advantage though also completely optional]



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Performa Network Features List

We have made a commitment to create a pleasant experience for our customers, and to support their increasing business demands. Our support is the best in the business.

ShiftCode Get Paid To (GPT) Site Script Pre-Licensing General Information

Starting your own GPT site? Choose the most reliable and automated script in the industry.

Welcome to ShiftCode, where our goal is to bring you the best products in the GPT business, including regular improvements and enhancements to our current products! The Get Paid To (GPT) or ‘Paid to Signup’ Script will allow you to present your members with offers from advertisers, which they can complete to receive a set amount of points or cash.  Click  here   to lean more about  ShiftCode Licensing and Hosting   !

Our products have been proven and tested for stability, quality and a user-friendly environment. With thousands of clients any problems are reported instantly which gives you a smooth running script. Updates and new features are released on a regular basis, all updates and fixes are automatically inserted and corrected on your site, no need for downloads and reconfiguration.  Click  here   to lean more about  ShiftCode Licensing and Hosting   !  If you may have any specific pre-sales questions we suggest you consult our  ShiftCode Discussion Forum   (open to the public)  ShiftCode Sales Information   section or as a last resort you may open a  pre-sales ticket here .

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ShiftCode 468 x 60 Referral Banner


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