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Initial Site Optimization (SEO), Submission, and Promotion

It is important to stress that for best results you should not jump ahead to this section prematurely. If you don’t take crucial steps before you start promoting your site then you may end up with results that are not optimal (such as pages ‘under construction’ or default phrases and such in your lasting search results)


What is Search Engine Optimization or ‘SEO’ for Short?  Optimization is the process of properly preparing a web site to be in its best form, give out the right identifying information for search results, lend itself more to being promoted on social networks, and generally presenting a finished package to the world being ready for inclusion in search results.

What are META Tags? META tags are HTML elements that are added to the source code of a web site that are used to convey information that is used to properly display the web page in a viewer’s internet browser, by search engine ‘robots’ to help in properly classifying a web page in search results, by social media to assist in properly formatting and linking to a web property for better viewing, etc.  META tags are not displayed to web site visitors by way of the web browser.  Instead they are only seen by viewing the source code of a web page. The most common META tags added and edited by webmasters is the META ‘description’ and ‘keyword’ tags.  When viewed in the web page source code they will usually appear like this:

<META name=”description” content=”This is a good general description of this web page or web site” />
<META name=”keywords” content=”these words, appear in my, web page, and, are, the, most important, words, I want, noticed” />

META Tags are NOT a Magic SEO Solution:  If you Google the term ‘SEO’ chances are you will be bombarded by way too much old stale information touting META tags as a magical solution to your search engine optimization needs. Yes, for the most part that used to be true a decade ago when META tags were a crucial part in getting your new web site noticed by the most popular search engine – Google.

Google used to rely heavily on META tags to tell it how to properly list and classify new web sites in its search results. Knowing that, over the years META tags have turned from something useful to a ever constant point of abuse by internet marketers resorting to keyword spamming, keyword stuffing, and other il-advised (nowadays) techniques in order to fool search engines into giving a site more priority in search results than it rightly deserves.

Needles to say, nowadays Google tends to completely ignore most META tags.  Still, don’t let that discourage you from the proper use of META tags because there are plenty of other search engines that are popular that still rely heavily on META tags to classify their search results.

ShiftCode has provided you with a built in interface to add and edit your ‘keywords’ and ‘description’ META tags without having to know any coding. Simply look on the left side navigation menu (with the heading ‘Products’) in your admin panel for a selection named ‘Meta Tags’ (about halfway down the page) and click on it.  You then be presented with a page looking like this: