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Planning – Important Considerations Before You Start Building

Yes, you are extremely exciting to begin your new business venture but as is with any potentially successful business startup (online or off) proper planning before you start or build is key:

  • What countries will your site serve?  Will your site be totally international or will it serve just North America?  Will it serve Just the USA or Canada?  Yes, the geographical region your site serves can essentially be changed any time in the future but it’s best to decide before you start building.

    Be aware that there are a few countries that are anecdotally known in the industry to produce higher amounts of fraudulent activity than the others (in other words, serving those countries could potentially result in eventual unnecessary offer crediting reversals from your source affiliate networks – many of which may happen well after you have paid the site member)  For advice on which countries may be best to steer clear of we suggest this you consult your affiliate manager (AM) at your chosen affiliate networks.

  • Know that there is a catch-22 situation some times with regard applying as a publisher to some affiliate networks and brand new or unfinished web sites.  Logic may tell you that you should apply for a bunch of affiliate networks (where you get your offers from) while or even before you even start building your web site.  Be aware that many affiliate networks have a policy of denying web sites that are not hosted (showing an error), under construction, too new (not enough traffic, not popular enough, too few site members, or not enough traffic (yet))  We suggest that you plan the timing of your initial publisher applications to affiliate networks deliberately after your site shows as a finished site open to new member registrations.  Also, you may want to explain your situation a bit if the publisher application provides a field for such information.

    If you insist on applying to affiliate networks while building your GPT site then initially go with affiliate networks that are the most GPT site friendly.  Performa (ShiftCode) based affiliate networks tend to be more familiar with and welcoming to ShiftCode GPT sites.  They also have the added benefit of being integrated tightly into the ShiftCode system.  News and special promotions from these Performa networks is also delivered straight to the top center home page of your admin panel as is seen below.
    Considering whether my second point (above) is valid or necessary to explain here (note to self)