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Ideas, Ways, and Places to Submit & Promote Your GPT Site

Places to submit your site URL for the purposes of promotion (ONLY recommended once your Search Engine optimization (SEO) work is done, your site is completely configured, and you are open for business!)

Before you submit your site to search engines it’s best that you create some type of standard sitemap as most of the popular search providers will ask you the location of your sitemap.  If you are skilled and knowledgeable at making sitemap files to Google and Bing standards then have at it (now is a good time)  if you are like most of us then you’ll probably want some help in the sitemap department.

I’ve found a site called XML-Sitemaps.com Sitemap Generator (a 3rd party web site) most useful for creating a basic sitemap for you which you may edit later if you choose (or just leave it as-is)  Choose the XML version of the generated sitemap and use the ShiftCode file manager to upload the sitemap.xml to your web root directory on your site (the area the file manager defaults to)  When you are finished if you have done it correctly then you should be able to view the new sitemap by browsing to (replacing it with your own site URL)

Another consideration in the submission of your site to search engines is that you need to have self-control in how aggressive and repetitive you are in your site submission efforts.  Submitting too often and/or too many times in succession can likely doom your site to being classified by the search engine as a problem site.  You definitely don’t want to get on the search provider’s bad site list or spammed sites list.  For me, I’ve found that it’s best to submit a site no more often then twice a month to any one search provider (and twice in a month may even be pushing it – I’ve seen professional advice specifying that submitting once a month may even be counterproductive (but that’s not been my experience – so far.  Twice a month seems to yield good results for me.)


Popular Search Engines:

– Log in (or register and log in if necessary) to the Google Webmaster Tools
Google Search Console .  Click on the red ‘ADD A PROPERTY’ button on the upper right of the Google page.  Enter the fully qualified URL (including the http://www.) of your new GPT site and click ‘Continue’.  Proceed to site ownership verification if prompted to.  Google now recommends that you add both your fully qualified www. version and non-www. version of your site as separate properties in the search console (you may likely have to verify twice)  You may choose whatever verification method you find most convenient.  Once you’ve verified then don’t forget to add your sitemap URL in the appropriate area.

(Microsoft’s Search) – Log in with your Microsoft account (or register for a Microsoft account and log in if necessary) to
Bing Webmaster Tools and add your URL, your sitemap URL, and verify your site ownership.

Yahoo –
Yahoo as a search provider used to (a decade ago) be the one most important search engine to seek to have your site listed in search results on.  Nowadays, after a series of what I consider bad business decisions, Yahoo has continues to fall in importance and relevance – mostly in favor of the top two search sites – Google and Bing.  Yahoo has fallen so fast and so far that webmasters have left Yahoo for dead as far as their priority in submitting to Yahoo.  Over the years yahoo has also made it more difficult to know what you are doing in seeking to submit to Yahoo.  A Google search that I just now performed yielded me dismally out of date and conflicting information regarding submitting to Yahoo.

This one link entitled ‘ Yahoo! Submit Your Site ‘ looks like my one best option though when I click on the one link contained on that page ‘ Submit Your Site for Free ‘ redirects me to Bing Webmaster Tools so I guess going further on this topic may be pointless (as we already covered Bing)   I do remember hearing years ago that Microsoft (Bing) purchased the advertising portion of Yahoo search so I guess that’s what may have happened here (all I see now is that the once powerfully relevant Yahoo has now turned into something else much less clear)

– Alexa submission used to be much more crucial than it is nowadays (they appear to have moved away from the meat of search business) though they still allow you to claim your site and edit certain information in your listing.  Simply go to
Alexa.com and enter your site URL (without the http:// and no www.) – just simply yournewgptsite.com and click ‘find’.  When you get to your site listing then scroll down to click on the blue “Edit Site Info” button.  You’ll then need to create an Alexa account and verify ownership of your site (follow directions)  Then you’ll be allowed to edit certain site listing info (for free)  I wouldn’t worry about the premium (paid) services they offer like ‘get certified’ (but still, your own preference)

Alexa also offers webmasters a web site rank widget that you can place on your site just like this one below.  For more information on adding the Alexa site widget to your site then take a look at this article .
Alexa Site Badge


Internet Archive.org WayBack Machine
Archive.org – The Internet Archive WayBack Machine is a project in which they intend to save the entire internet all in one place over time.  It’s pretty easy to have your site included.  Simply surf on over to Archive.org and type your site’s URL into the search box then click the search button.  The result will either tell you that your URL has already been included in the archive or not and it will offer to save the URL now (choose yes, obviously)  One other neat thing about the archive is that you can type in pretty much any URL and see previous historical versions of sites and pages – how they looked in the past.  In the below example when you see this message then click on “Save this url in the Wayback Machine” and you’ll be good to go (though just to be sure I enter each of my site’s important URLs and add them separately – though this may be overkill on my part)
Save this url in the Wayback Machine


Yandex A popular Russian based search engine. You really don’t need to make sure your site is indexed by Yandex unless your GPT site serves international areas outside of the United States of America (USA)  Yandex has a webmaster section that pretty much tells you all you need to know located here:  https://webmaster.yandex.com/

Free Submission Helper Sites:

Entireweb Free Submission
Entireweb Free Submission – An excellent 3rd party free search engine submission helper site.  Simply enter your URL and email address, verify your email address by clicking on the link emailed to you, then select ‘Free Submission’ (or whatever you prefer) and watch it go!  Make sure to click on the ‘submit to Bing’ manual submission (no brainer) link to complete that.  Also, look for any other emailed submission verification emails that you need to respond to.  One of the very cool things here is that this free service covers Google and Bing submission (which is rare amongst free services of this type)

ScrubTheWeb Free Submission
– Free URL Submissions – Easy Submit!  They also provide some pretty useful free tools there as well.

INeedHits.com – Another 3rd party SEO / Promotion / Submission related site that offers ‘ Free Tools ‘ in addition to very effective reasonably priced paid services.



Popular On-Topic Discussion Forums:

ShiftCode Forum
Official ShiftCode Discussion Forum (Open to the Public)  This is a good place to promote your GPT site though please limit GPT site promotion to the areas of the forum that allow it per the rules.  For example promoting your ShiftCode based GPT site is ok generally in the ‘ Members Corner ‘ sub-section of the forum and specifically in the ‘ Recommended GPT / PTC Sites ‘ sub-section.  While you are there then notice the ‘ Genuine ShiftCode Powered GetPaidTo (GPT) Sites Master List ! ALL ShiftCode GPT Sites Listed ! ‘ post that’s pinned to the top of that board and closed to replies.
If you would like to have your Genuine ShiftCode based GPT site added to this list then post a reply to the ‘
Genuine ShiftCode GPT Site Master List Project Discussion Thread [LIST DISCUSSION THREAD] ‘ post (in the ‘ ShiftCode Site Owners Forum ‘ section) requesting that your site be added to the master list (or you may ‘inbox’ message me ( FreeCashPro ) there if you so choose as I’m the main master GPT list tender there (also feel free to inbox message me for any other help or questions you may have and I’ll try to help as I can))

Best eMonies
Best eMoneys –  This is more of an online catalog but a major feature of it is a rather large and popular forum as well – and the site has a spectacular Google pagerank 4 (so any program you add here will get lots of promotion)  The site has a rather extensive though totally free procedure for adding a program to the list and at the end you’ll get a nice looking web site badge that will help promote your site rank on their list.

Paid Promotion:

Performa Networks
Advertising on Performa Networks –
Purchasing an advertising campaign as a Performa based network ‘advertiser’ is a very productive and cost-effective way to get your site’s promotion textual ad ‘copy’ and banner ads in front of the noses of people already known to frequent GPT sites!  For instance ponder this thought – Just as you (a ShiftCode GPT site administrator) may likely tend to favor the integrated affiliate networks that are integrated into your GPT site script then know that other GPT admins also trend in this direction as well.
By signing up as an ‘advertiser’ on any or several of the many Performa based networks to choose from you will be in complete control of designing, tweaking, and controlling all aspects of your ad campaign (though if you find you have questions or need help with setting up your ad campaign then Performa network based account managers and network directors are generally always willing to help get you and your offer set up)   Signing up as a Performa network advertiser is just as simple as signing up as a publisher (it uses almost the exact same form such as is seen below)  The advertiser interface offers an intuitive and familiar control panel for building and conveniently paying for your ad campaign online.  For more information on this option then feel free to sign up as an advertiser at your favorite Performa networks or contact your account manager for assistance.
Performa Network Advertiser registration

ShiftCode GPT Sites
Purchase Advertising Packages from Other ShiftCode GPT Sites –
Yes, advertising on other GPT sites is also a great way to put your site’s promotional information and/or banners in front of the faces of people that we already know frequent and enjoy Get paid To sites.  We’d highly recommend that you read each site’s rules and guidelines (if any are published) and/or contact that site’s admin to ask if the promotion of competing GPT sites is allowed and encouraged on that particular GPT site (a low number of GPT admins restrict or forbid the advertising of competing sites)

As mentioned elsewhere in this knowledgebase there are a couple of strategy considerations you may want to ponder before choosing a site to advertise on.  Don’t immediately exclude consideration of advertising on a less popular or less liked GPT site as long as the advertising rates are reasonably priced (chances are if the site is that poorly liked then members that do just register and take a look around or already registered members will appreciate your banner to click on for an easy, convenient, and timely exit from the bad GPT A.S.A.P.)  Then on the other hand you could take the strategy of finding very popular and well loved successful GPTs to advertise on thereby putting your own site’s benefits as forefront as a worthy site to try for that popular site’s active members.

ShiftCode maintains a master list of ShiftCode GPT sites on the ShiftCode Forum here:  Genuine ShiftCode Powered GetPaidTo (GPT) Sites Master List ! ALL ShiftCode GPT Sites Listed !

Other Promotion Channels:

Major Advertising Networks – Such as Google AdWords , Facebook Ads Manager , and like providers I’ve found are very good and cost effective channels to get the word out about your site.  There are, however, some things to be aware of.  I know from experience that most of the time any ad looking or sounding like a ‘get rich quick’ scheme or using other known ‘scam’ sounding like terms like ‘Get Free Cash’ may result in your ads being flagged and rejected from these providers.  Similarly, terms like ‘Get Paid To’, GPT, or anything else sounding like you are providing easy cash for clicking on ads also are just as likely to get your ads flagged.
It’s not an exact science that I can define for you in getting your ads for a GPT site approved on these types of mega-corporate networks.  It usually takes a sometimes frustrating trial-and-error process with many ad copy rejections before you may get approved (though once you find and hit that good combination of factors and terms then you’ll likely to hit your stride and enjoy being well on your way to successful ad campaigns here)  The one best piece of advice that I can give here might be to avoid stating or even implying that your site gives out cash for clicking on ads – call it a ‘Reward Site’ and call the rewards ‘prizes’ to choose from rather than using words like ‘cash’, ‘PayPal’, or implying that your site’s opportunity is in any way ’employment’ or a job.

More Very Effective FREE Promotion Techniques & Sites:

Top Site Lists, Review/Referral Sites, & Facebook Pages & Groups –
As seen on the simple ‘one-pager’ 3rd party resource links site
GPTTracker.com the site lists totally free resources regarding Get Paid To (GPT) sites such as popular GPT site list, rank, review, and referral sites first (simply contact the referral site webmaster to encourage him to add your site)  It also lists Top Site Lists where you can add your site to the list for free (registration required) and then add the unique (to you and your site) voting/tracking banner code to your GPT site so that popularity can be tracked (by impressions given the banner) and your member can rate and review your site publicly both towards your site crawling up the Top Site List (the higher your site get’s on such lists then the more potential traffic you’ll get)  It also lists Facebook pages and groups where you can post promotional messages highlighting and linking to your site(s)

RelmaxTop Widget
RelmaxTop – provides the web site admin with a pretty neat free web site gadget type counter that accepts votes, reviews, and ratings of your site and also stands as a nice and simple traffic counter.  You can also add your site to their directory for free.  For more information simply go to RelmaxTop.com.


Webutation Badge Example
Webutation –
provides a pretty good looking free site badge that helps to lend your site some credibility even when brand new.  Simply go to webutation.net, create an account, type your site URL in, claim your site, and install your Webutation gadget to your site (and it surely doesn’t hurt to ask a few online friends to vote your site up and write reviews)

TrafficDigger – Touts Free Advertising – Get millions of visitors for your website for FREE! Well maybe it isn’t quite THAT spectacular but I’ve found that it does indeed help.  Simply join for free and then promote your own new TrafficDigger URL (this is kind-of a ponzi scheme that doesn’t involve any money – just traffic)

IMPORTANT PROMOTIONAL TECHNIQUE TIP:  Snowballing Your Promotion Efforts! – You may ask why I’ve included a few of the above sites.  The simple answer is that submitting your site to those directory type sites also get featured in search results and that will definitely influence the amount of traffic your site receives for the better.

In fact I’m a big fan of going one (or several) steps further and actually promoting (submitting via the Free Entireweb Submission, etc.) the site pages (on these directory sites) that feature a link to your own site (thereby having a promotion ‘snowballing’ effect which dramatically increases your site’s exposure)

I’ve found it also helps to link back (reciprocal linking) to the sites that link to your site.  Make (create) a specific ‘Links’ page (standalone dedicated page just for links and banners) on your GPT site that is linked to from your home page.  This Link page is where you put all of your reciprocal links (to sites and pages that link to your site) as well as any top site list voting links/badges while you can also promote any other sites you own there.


This Knowledgebase Article To Be Continued ( a work in progress )

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) [Do This Ideally BEFORE Submission & Promotion!]

NOTE: As some people may have you believe SEO doesn’t only involve including Meta tags on your pages!  Yes, Meta tags are important but due to past il-intended Meta tag abuse by unscrupulous webmasters major search engines like Google have started ignoring most Meta tags nowadays.  The good news is that there are still a whole bunch of rather popular search providers that still use them.  Please restrain yourself from tending to abuse Meta tags by ‘keyword stuffing‘ and other such devious practices that you’ll ultimately find defeating your purpose in today’s search environment.

Before we go further I’d highly suggest that you get your site’s textual ‘copy’ (word based content) in order.  That is, go around to each of your site’s pages (maybe log in as a member) and make sure that everything that you (as a member) would expect to be explained actually is explained.  Don’t go overboard but while writing your site’s textual copy think about descriptive words that might prove later to make your explanations ‘keyword rich’ which means that you’ve sprinkled very powerful words that are likely to be searched for in search engines – in with your text (sparingly in the right context)

For example, for a GPT site very good descriptive and ‘keyword rich’ types of action words and phrases are: Free, GPT, Get Paid To, GetPaidTo, Get-Paid-To, Paid to Signup, PTS, Paid to Click, PTC, Reward Site, Earn Online, PayPal, Work at Home, Entrepreneur, Gratis, Rewards, Prizes, Referral, Free Money, Dinero, Jackpot, Contest, Bonus, Promo Code, Incentive, Earn Online Free, No Investment, Advertise, etc.

Ok, since we’re already taking keywords and presuming that you’ve already successfully gone through your site filling in the blank places where descriptions are ‘begged for’ then we’ll start with the basic few Meta tags.  ShiftCode script coders had the forethought to include a nice coding free way of adding your Meta Keywords and Meta Description tags simply my clicking on ‘Meta Tags’ from the left side ‘Products’ navigational menu:
Basic Meta Tags Entry
Yes, this page says “Meta tags are what search engines use to index your site into their database. They must be added to your template in order to work.  If you are using an Uploaded template then you need to insert “{~include file=”_meta”~}” without the quotes between your <head> tags. They will be automatically added to Generated templates and new Uploaded templates.” but if you are using the default template then that statement has already been inserted for you.

While I’m at it for increased Google rank and attention they suggest that ALL (or at least most) external links coming off of a web site that you make those links ‘nofollow’ – especially for paid links.  Nofollow in regards to the link simply clues in the search engine ‘bot’ not to bother following that link on account of the mere fact that you have it linked to on your site (basically, it’s saying these ‘nofollow’ links are not very important to me of my site’s content.  Nofollow is also a signal to the search engine that your web site is not cheap and ‘spammy’ – and that it’s not a link farm or banner farm (purely all ads)

As a general rule in my own personal web site SEO with the new ‘nofollow’ helps news then I mark all of my external links nofollow unless the external link goes to my own web property.

To make any link nofollow simply add a rel=”nofollow” to your link statement as such: <a href=”http://www.example.com/” rel=”nofollow”>

This Knowledgebase Article To Be Continued (a work in progress)

Initial Site Optimization (SEO), Submission, and Promotion

It is important to stress that for best results you should not jump ahead to this section prematurely. If you don’t take crucial steps before you start promoting your site then you may end up with results that are not optimal (such as pages ‘under construction’ or default phrases and such in your lasting search results)


What is Search Engine Optimization or ‘SEO’ for Short?  Optimization is the process of properly preparing a web site to be in its best form, give out the right identifying information for search results, lend itself more to being promoted on social networks, and generally presenting a finished package to the world being ready for inclusion in search results.

What are META Tags? META tags are HTML elements that are added to the source code of a web site that are used to convey information that is used to properly display the web page in a viewer’s internet browser, by search engine ‘robots’ to help in properly classifying a web page in search results, by social media to assist in properly formatting and linking to a web property for better viewing, etc.  META tags are not displayed to web site visitors by way of the web browser.  Instead they are only seen by viewing the source code of a web page. The most common META tags added and edited by webmasters is the META ‘description’ and ‘keyword’ tags.  When viewed in the web page source code they will usually appear like this:

<META name=”description” content=”This is a good general description of this web page or web site” />
<META name=”keywords” content=”these words, appear in my, web page, and, are, the, most important, words, I want, noticed” />

META Tags are NOT a Magic SEO Solution:  If you Google the term ‘SEO’ chances are you will be bombarded by way too much old stale information touting META tags as a magical solution to your search engine optimization needs. Yes, for the most part that used to be true a decade ago when META tags were a crucial part in getting your new web site noticed by the most popular search engine – Google.

Google used to rely heavily on META tags to tell it how to properly list and classify new web sites in its search results. Knowing that, over the years META tags have turned from something useful to a ever constant point of abuse by internet marketers resorting to keyword spamming, keyword stuffing, and other il-advised (nowadays) techniques in order to fool search engines into giving a site more priority in search results than it rightly deserves.

Needles to say, nowadays Google tends to completely ignore most META tags.  Still, don’t let that discourage you from the proper use of META tags because there are plenty of other search engines that are popular that still rely heavily on META tags to classify their search results.

ShiftCode has provided you with a built in interface to add and edit your ‘keywords’ and ‘description’ META tags without having to know any coding. Simply look on the left side navigation menu (with the heading ‘Products’) in your admin panel for a selection named ‘Meta Tags’ (about halfway down the page) and click on it.  You then be presented with a page looking like this: