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Securing and Maintaining Access to Your GPT Site Admin Panel

Your ShiftCode Admin Panel

Refer to any welcoming email message from ShiftCode staff you have likely already received after your ShiftCode licensing purchase.  Look for references to your ShiftCode Admin Panel URL (web location) and login (username and password)  Enter (or copy and paste) your ShiftCode Admin Panel URL into your browser and proceed to that web location.  If all things have gone well so far you should now be viewing a special admin-only page that looks like this (below):


First things first, you may have noticed that your own special ShiftCode Admin Panel URL contains a series of what looks like gibberish letters and numbers (like this ‘63d130df7xbe167e2’)  This is called a security ‘hash’ (it’s basically a URL with an encrypted section added on) – it is unique to your own particular instance of the ShiftCode script and you should NEVER reveal that web location to anyone else (other than yourself)  The admin URL containing the hash is purposely made hard to guess by hackers or others that may have bad intent with regard to your site (yes, this hash code is changeable via a ShiftCode support ticket but rarely (if ever) is this needed)   We’d suggest that you take the time to write down and safely bookmark this URL as this is where most all functions of your site are configured and performed.

Next we’ll address your assigned admin username and temporary password.  Chances are that you’ve been assigned a relatively simple admin username and password.  You’ll want to change these to your own preferences as soon as possible (now?) for increased security purposes!

Use your given admin login to log in to your admin panel.  You should then see a seeming complicated (but really easy to navigate and powerful once you get used to it) screen that looks like this:


Next find the ‘Main’ heading (link box) in the upper right corner of the admin panel just under the ShiftCode logo (as seen below)


Click on Users & Groups.  Notice the top section of that page is for ‘group’ management (which are basically defining roles available to assign to admin(s), staff, and designers, etc)  What we’re interested in now is the ‘User’ management area just below the group management area.  Notice that your own administrator account is listed along with the ‘shiftcode’ admin user account (the shiftcode admin user account is for internal official ShiftCode staff and cannot be edited or deleted because it is necessary and mandatory)

Instead of editing your own administrator account (while also being logged into the same admin user account) then we feel it is much safer to create a secondary new admin account for the time being (after you’ve successfully logged into the newly created admin account then you can delete the original admin account)

Click on ‘Add User’.  Enter your desired new administrator Username and Password (we suggest a strong password that includes a mixture of upper and lowercase letters, at least one number, and at least one symbol character – though strong passwords are not enforced at this time then it is best for your own good)  Make sure that you’re not using a password you have ever used at any other site (past or present)  The new admin account you are creating will have ultimate access to all your sites functions including financial balances, etc. don’t shoot yourself in the foot by specifying an easy to guess or repeated password!

Specify that this new account is part of the ‘Administrator’ group (chances are that at this point you have no other options)  The Description field is totally optional / not crucial and will be explained at a later point in this documentation.   Leave the Description field blank.

Take a moment to write down your new username and password (now!) Click the ‘Add User’ button to finalize your new administrator Username account creation.  You should see a green headed ‘Success!’ message further stating  that ‘The user has been added’  At this point the User management area should be showing your old admin User, your newly created admin User, and the permanent internal ‘shiftcode’ admin user account.  Click on the ‘Logout’ button on the upper red bar on the upper left under the ‘ADMIN PANEL’ heading (as seen below):


Now log back into the admin panel using your new administrator account credentials.  Go back to the Main > Users & Groups  area (the area where you just created your new admin account)   Now click on the blue gear box at the right side end next to your old administrator user account and choose delete.  Confirm that you wish to delete that account and then this mission has been accomplished!  Give yourself a pat on the back safe in the knowledge that your new administrator account is safer than the previous default admin account assigned to you.

Incidentally, that ‘Users & Groups’ area is also the area where you can eventually add a new group of sub-admin privileged staff members or site template installers and when you add a new group you will be able to specify exactly the level of access each new group has.  It is NOT necessary to make any new groups at this point in time (continue the quick start guide and stay focused on the important steps we point out – you can go back and add groups etc. at a later point as needed)

Locating & Bookmarking Your ShiftCode GPT Admin Panel On Your Own Domain

AFTER, your site has started appearing on your own domain name (www.MyOwnGPTSite.com) as well as on the shiftcode.com subdomain (myowngptsite.shiftcode.com) then as a matter of preference (though it has practical benefits as well)

First, log-in as the administrator on your shiftcode.com sub domain (chances are you are already logged in.  Take a look at your browser’s URL bar.  Note everything that comes after the ‘shiftcode.com‘ part (starting with a slash (“/“), continuing with your unique hash code, another slash (“/“), and then ending with an index.php (select and copy all that to the clipboard)   Now open up a new browser tab (or window) and type in your domain name starting with the ‘www.’ part and then immediately after your domain then past everything you copied from your sub domain based admin panel URL and past it after your own domain name now – hit return (or enter)  You may be asked to -re-login to your admin panel.  Now once you are in to your admin panel on your own domain name then bookmark that URL and use that as your main admin panel access URL.  It will likely prove useful and have a few advantages over using your sub domain based admin panel (though bookmark both admin panel URLs just in case your domain name service is ever disrupted (rare))

Affiliate Program Basics

The ShiftCode/Performa Affiliate Program is a performance based affiliate / referral program that rewards affiliates for sales their traffic triggers through their Unique Referral Link.  The affiliate program is available to existing clients of ShiftCode and/or Performa though it is also open to persons who already have an account or create an account by registering for a free account at the Alisa Holdings Client Portal (ShiftCode & Performa are a division of Alisa Holdings, Inc.)

NOTE: You may not be credited for any self-referral activity as in you (yourself – or someone at your same specific location) purchasing through your own referral link from your own internet connection or physical location !  Such activity (unreported or ‘un-confessed’ beforehand is considered fraud (grounds for program termination) upon discovery !)

Once logged in to the client portal the Affiliate Program feature of the portal may be reached by clicking upon ‘Affiliates’ from the upper drop-down navigation menu or by going to the following URL while logged in: http://www.alisaholdings.com/billing/affiliates.php  

The page you arrive at should look somewhat like the following image:

ShiftCode & Performa Affiliate Program 
Affiliate commissions may be subject to a commissions maturation time period.  Affiliates will be able to request a withdrawal as soon as the affiliate’s balance reaches the minimum required amount of $25.00 USD.  

Identification & the Proper Use of Your Own Unique Referral Link:

While logged in to the ShiftCode / Performa / AlisaHoldings.com Client Portal on the ‘Affiliates’ page towards the center of the page just underneath the statement that says ‘ Your Unique Referral Link ‘ is your own unique referral link (as seen in the image below):
Your Unique Referral Link
In the above referral link image example what would be your own affiliate number (one, two, or three digits) is represented by the three (3) ‘ X ‘s at the end of the referral tracking link example.  In order to gain any type of referral credit for any actions (sales, etc.) the person you intend to refer completes then he/she MUST click on your unique referral link before any referral credit (to you) qualifying sales purchases are performed.

In the below section then you’ll find creative banner images for your use in combination with your unique referral link to create a clickable banner advertisement for your prospective referral to click upon that will take them to the client portal where for them to find sales information on qualifying licensing purchases they must click on ‘Order Hosting’.

Here (below) is example HTML code that will help your create a clickable banner linking to your unique referral link:

<a href=”http://billing.alisaholdings.com/aff.php?aff=XXX” target=”_blank”><img src=”http://forum.shiftcode.com/index.php?media/shiftcode-branded-468-x-60-gpt-script-referral-banner.2/full” width=”468″ height=”60″ border=”1″ /></a>

IMPORTANT:  Make sure in your code that will use that you include your own unique referral link (instead of the above example referral link that ends in the three ‘X’s ! (if you mess this part up then you will never get credited for any licensing purchases – ever !)

Suitable creatives (banner images, etc.) may be gathered from the following media albums of the ShiftCode Official Discussion Forum:


The creatives we prefer that you use are as follows (they are available in their respective albums as linked above)  The following banners may be downloaded and served from your own image host or they may be hot linked to using the specified ‘Direct Link’ URL  The ‘Share Page’ provides additional information and linking options (on the right side lower portion of the page)

You may edit and/or resize the banners but please do maintain the proper image aspect ratio as not to stretch or distort the image quality.  Added textual copy content you’ve added to a banner that does not already appear in our own direct sales material (on our own web sites as static sales material) must be pre-approved by ShiftCode staff before live use!

ShiftCode Branded 468 x 60 GPT Script Referral Banner

Share Page:  http://forum.shiftcode.com/index.php?media/shiftcode-branded-468-x-60-gpt-script-referral-banner.2/
Direct Link:   http://forum.shiftcode.com/index.php?media/shiftcode-branded-468-x-60-gpt-script-referral-banner.2/full

ShiftCode Branded 468 x 60 GPT Script Referral Banner

ShiftCode Branded 300 x 250 GPT Script Referral Banner

Share Page:  http://forum.shiftcode.com/index.php?media/yourownshiftcodegpt_300x250.11/
Direct Link:   http://forum.shiftcode.com/index.php?media/yourownshiftcodegpt_300x250.11/full
ShiftCode Branded 300 x 250 Banner

We Recommend ShiftCode GPTs 120 x 60 Site Badge

Share Page:  http://forum.shiftcode.com/index.php?media/we-recommend-shiftcode-gpts-120-x-60-site-badge.1/
Direct Link:    http://forum.shiftcode.com/index.php?media/we-recommend-shiftcode-gpts-120-x-60-site-badge.1/full
We Recommend ShiftCode GPTs 120 x 60 Site Badge

Performa Network Ad Banner 468 x 60

Share Page:  http://forum.shiftcode.com/index.php?media/performanet468x60.5/
Direct Link:   http://forum.shiftcode.com/index.php?media/performanet468x60.5/full

Performa Network Banner 468 x 60

Performa Network Ad Banner 300 x 250

Share Page:  http://forum.shiftcode.com/index.php?media/performa_ad_300x250.9/
Direct Link:   http://forum.shiftcode.com/index.php?media/performa_ad_300x250.9/full  

Performa Ad 300x250

Performa Network Logo 120 x 60

Share Page:  http://forum.shiftcode.com/index.php?media/performanetlogo120x60.10/
Direct Link:   http://forum.shiftcode.com/index.php?media/performanetlogo120x60.10/full

Performa Net Logo 120 x 60

Here is the substance of an emailed announcement sent out on September 25th, 2015:

Beginning from October 1st, we are able to pass savings from hosting bills to Shift Code site owners that are using average resources.  Your new monthly hosting and licensing fee for your site(s) will be reduced to $29.95 for invoice(s) generated after October 1st.

For sites that are using above average resources, we are unable to reduce the price just yet.  We will continue our effort to reduce the cost and pass the savings back to you.  Thank you for your continued support.

We also have a new promotion plan that we will pay $50 for each new site sales generated from your referral link.  Total fee for a new site is $89.95 including first month hosting.  After that, it would be $29.95 unless the resource usage is above average.

For existing site owners who plan to open new site(s), we will add the $50 discount back to your account for credit that can be used for future payments.

$50 affiliate bonuses / discounts will be paid on Net 60 terms.

The new rates pertain to Shift Code sites ONLY – Performa pricing will remain the same.

If you have any questions, please open a ticket at  http://billing.alisaholdings.com

In addition to your being able to log in to the affiliate area of the client portal to view performance and statistical reports any time you wish – you will also receive monthly reports similar to the below image:

Monthly Emailed Affiliate Referrals Report

Affiliates will remain active affiliates as long as their affiliate account remains in good standing at the sole discretion of Alisa Holdings, Inc. staff.  The affiliate’s program account may be suspended or terminated with or without specific cause with or without affiliate pay at the sole discretion of Alisa Holdings, Inc. staff in pursuant to our policies and terms of service.  Funds may be held indefinitely or until an internal investigation is concluded by staff in cases where traffic quality and/or the fraud risk may be concerning based solely at the discretion of Alisa Holdings, Inc. staff.  

FINISHED Friday Evening 11/20/2015
UPDATED Saturday Evening 11/28/2015

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ShiftCode Get Paid To (GPT) Site Script Pre-Licensing General Information

Starting your own GPT site? Choose the most reliable and automated script in the industry.

Welcome to ShiftCode, where our goal is to bring you the best products in the GPT business, including regular improvements and enhancements to our current products! The Get Paid To (GPT) or ‘Paid to Signup’ Script will allow you to present your members with offers from advertisers, which they can complete to receive a set amount of points or cash.  Click  here   to lean more about  ShiftCode Licensing and Hosting   !

Our products have been proven and tested for stability, quality and a user-friendly environment. With thousands of clients any problems are reported instantly which gives you a smooth running script. Updates and new features are released on a regular basis, all updates and fixes are automatically inserted and corrected on your site, no need for downloads and reconfiguration.  Click  here   to lean more about  ShiftCode Licensing and Hosting   !  If you may have any specific pre-sales questions we suggest you consult our  ShiftCode Discussion Forum   (open to the public)  ShiftCode Sales Information   section or as a last resort you may open a  pre-sales ticket here .

Snapshot Thumbnail of Our GPT Site Script Licensing Page - Click to Proceed

ShiftCode 468 x 60 Referral Banner


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Monday Evening 11/23/2015

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Official ShiftCode Self-Help Resources

Unless you’ve hired a professional team of staff (rarely done and rarely needed) to help you build your GPT site there are times where you may feel stumped about this or that technical aspect of your ShiftCode GPT site build out and operation.  Don’t worry, we’ve (GPT site admins) all been there and there is a whole host of online resources available to help make your GPT site administration experience a success.


Official ShiftCode Online Resources:

  • ShiftCode Online Discussion Forum – An open public online forum where you can post non-account-specific questions on most all topics of building, operating, promoting, etc. your new GPT site or Performa network.  The forum also has public areas for site public site discussion and promotion. [FEED]
    ShiftCode Online Discussion Forum
  • ShiftCode Online Client Portal – Within your private client account area (while logged in) you’ll find separate areas for checking what services you currently subscribe to (and for ordering new services), a billing area (for checking your invoices, paying your bill, etc.), a support area where you are able to create an account-specific private support request ticket, check previous support tickets (sometimes called a ‘trouble ticket’), view network wide announcements, find official download (when available), and view the network status.  It should be noted that the support ticket system is designed to be a resource of last resort (when you can’t find your answer in any other areas of the vast support resources already offered by ShiftCode)
    ShiftCode Online Client Portal  
  • ShiftCode Official Facebook Group – Though not used as often as it had been before the forum took up the slack this group still has its moments of usefulness here and there.  You must apply to join this ‘closed’ (meaning ‘private’)  group and be approved by one of the group admins as a known ShiftCode site admin.  Occasionally (rarely as needed) ShiftCode staff may post additional information in this group concerning scheduled maintenance / upgrade site downtime, temporary network outages, ShiftCode GPT and Performa Network script promotions and sales, billing notices, terms of service (TOS) updates, security bulletins, etc.
     ShiftCode Official Facebook Group  
  • ShiftCode News & Announcements – This is the very FIRST place you should consult when experiencing any technical difficulties with your site(s) such as a temporary disruption in service.  News, announcements, and proactive instructions are posted here as necessary.  There is also a duplication (updated in real-time) of the information displayed in the ShiftCode News & Announcements that’s located right here on this site in the lowermost part of the right side panel here (as seen in the below image)  Please also note that this information is located in a FEED directly from the source and readable in any popular RSS / ATOM site feed reader:   RSS Feed ShiftCode & Performa Network Announcements Feed 
  • ShiftCode & Performa Announcement Feed in the Right Side Panel Here on This Site

  • Help Icons help icon  in the ShiftCode GPT Admin Panel – While browsing options and settings in your admin panel please notice the many question mark help icons ( question mark help icon )  Also notice that when present you can either hover over and/or click upon the question mark help icon to receive additional explanations.
    question mark help icon

As you may notice on your new GPT site default (grey) site template “We suggest you join our Facebook group for Peer to Peer Assistance – HERE” with an emphasis on ‘Peer to Peer’ meaning you’re relying on fellow GPT site admins for help – if you are looking for mission critical, account specific, or official answers then we suggest the ‘ShiftCode Online Client Portal’ support ticket option.

The ShiftCode Client Portal also contains a News & Announcements page where you can find “All the latest from ShiftCode & Performa Network, Innovative Affiliate Marketing/Networking Software System Service Official News & Announcements” by viewing the page, viewing the feed, and/or subscribing (recommended) to the feed via email (below)

Subscribe to the Official ShiftCode News & Announcements Feed via Email
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