The ShiftCode GPT Script Offer Sorting Issue and Workaround Advice

This is a known issue with the ShiftCode GPT script. ShiftCode coders are aware of the issue and they are working on a permanent fix.

The Script Behavior Symptom:

When a member uses the ‘Sort By’ while viewing a list of offers then as soon as he/she clicks the ‘Submit’, Ignore’, or ‘Report’ button then the offers list reverts back to the default search (rather than continuing the ‘Sort By’ offer sort previously chosen by the member)

An Inconvenient But Effective Workaround:

Tell your members that as soon as he/she clicks a ‘Submit’, Ignore’, or ‘Report’ button then wait for the page to load fully and then hit their browser’s ‘Back’ button to return to the previously selected search order (where they left off)  In fact you may want to post a reminder message as text just above each offer display.