Using Your Built In Banner Advertising Functions to Have Your GPT Site Serve Ads to Your Other Sites (and Take Paid Orders that Are Updated Instantly!)

I’ve expanded upon the ideas and code exemplified in this 3rd party coding article to apply to my Banner Rotation:

Use Your ShiftCode GPT Built In Side Panel Advertisement Features to Manage Ad Space on Your Other Sites! (in the 3rd Party Coding Solutions section of this Knowledgebase)

The issue?  Most ShiftCode admins believe that the powerful advertising solution built in to the ShiftCode script may be limited to on-site advertising only.  The 3rd party article demonstrates this not to be the case with the graceful solution of showing how to increase the exposure of your Side Panel ads to other sites under your influence.

In this article I’ll be taking those lessons learned and applying them to the Banner Rotation advertising function of the ShiftCode advertising interface.  Not only will the advertising interface serve those banner rotation ads to other sites but it also will allow the advertising GPT site member to purchase, pay for, and specify which location group (external and internal) he/she wants the banner ad displayed at.